Chapter 5

After restocking and buying Frosty a new tee, the team set out do do some legwork.
They decided to try Archangel’s Bounty Office, and they noticed a picture of someone fitting Sonora’s description.
Wolf took a subscription for a month to get access to their info, and she found out someone had posted a bounty for Sonora the same day.

Afterwards they went to the Anarchist camp and found out someone fitting Sonora’s description had been trying to get passage out of Chicago to Denver. Their best choice would be to try the smugglers operating out of the Spire. The only problem: the Spire’s in the Zone.

The team soon found out that travel in the Zone isn’t exactly easy. Time was frozen in there so to speak and car husks are standing in a perpetual traffic jam. Their only choice: going on foot. And this made them somewhat vulnerable to the predators. By the time they reached the Spire area they’d been in a few scrapes, but nothing serious.

They immediately noticed the Spire was under siege. Multiple teams were surrounding it on land and in small boats. Brick went to have a talk and they found out a local mafia clan was trying to get controll of the Spire. They ware preparing to have teams climb in, but their hacker who was supposed to shut down the defenses had been killed by a lucky shot from one of the defenders.

Streetcat decided to go investigate and see if she could locate Sonora inside. She climbed up to the 3rd floor where defense teams were sporadically firing machineguns through opened windows. She found out that everything above the 3rd floor was sealed off and was abandoned. She found the smuggling team on the lower levels and convinced the leader she was a member of Sonora’s team who’d got separated. The boss told her Sonora had left, but he could arrange another plane to Denver if she helped end the siege.

The team managed to trick the mafia goons to mount an assault on the spire and then caught them in a fullfledged crossfire, decimating their numbers.

They got their ride to Denver and Frosty performed another ritual while Brick and Wolf were doing some legwork.
Streetcat stayed with frosty and they discovered that being close to the ritual also drained Streetcat’s magic. But they found out Sonora was still in Denver.

Meanwhile the rest made contact with smugglers and information dealers and discovered Sonora was in another district trying to get transportation to California. And apparently some teams were hunting her, including a team of priests. However they didn’t have time to investigate the other teams as Sonora seemed to have found transportation and they set out to intercept her.

However they were ambushed near the LZ and the time it took to take out some opposition gave Sonora enough time to take off. Frosty didn’t want the plane shot down as it could ruin the Sextant, so Brick damaged one of the fuel tanks limiting the plane’s reach severely. The one thing they didn’t take time to look into was the fullfledged shootout going on while they got the hell out of there.

Soon after they were in their own plane in hot pursuit. They found Sonora’s ride in a smuggler’s outpost, but she’d left again with another smuggling team that just happened to be there. Now they had two options to go to California. One was the long way around the Mojave desert, taking about 19 hours, or the short but more dangerous route through the desert, shaving some 9 hours off that time.

They chose to go the short way, hoping to be ahead of Sonora, or at least be just behind her if she went the same way.

They landed just inside the California border and waited for Frosty to perform her ritual one more time. They located her position and took off once more on an intercept course.

Chapter 5

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