Chapter 9

The team was hired to kidnap a singer/actress and deliver her to a rundown appartment.
What they didn’t know was that the Johnson was a psychopat.
They got her out of her Bellevue mansion. And on the way they had a talk. Christy Daee then in turn hired them to take her back home.
So they took her to the appartment, and when they got the cash they took her back out.
The Johnson wasn’t too thrilled about this, and so he spent most of his money to ruin one mlember’s identity (the easiest thing since she had a SIN), and the rest of it to hire a gang to go take out Brick (because he had put up a big mouth).

Ofcourse, this just was a bit of a nuisance.

They were hired again to protect Christy during the Golden Orbs ceremonies. ANd the psychopat showed up again trying to take out Christy. Eventually he managed to wound her, but she survived. Brick tracked him down and they ended up killing him.

A few weeks later they were hired to protect some items, collectibles, during the filming of an action movie. When a runner team showed up to take the items, and they managed to beat them back easily, the lead actress’ manager hired them for bodyguard duty.

They went to LA, and then were hired by Christy’s manager once more to look into a blackmail thing. They found and destroyed the compromising home video.

But they got confused trying to figure out how it all stuck together.
Christy ended up being shot and her manager got killed in a bomb explosion. But they couldn’t identify the culprits.
Also, the movie seemed a bit close to them, clearly showing some elements of previous runs. But they couldn’t find why that was as yet.

At last they managed to piece together some information showing Horizon was experimenting with the software for their newest social network, P2.0 . They took some very drastic measures and stole an airplane and crashed it into the local headquarters.

Some time later Vicky asked Brick if he would be interrested in joining a popular trideo contest program for couples with her. It’s a combo of vacation, survival and combat situations, has no rules and carries a nice amount of cash for the winners.

They were taken to a series of artificial islands near Hawaiï for the show. Each couple was assigned an island around the bigger one in the middle. Every couple was supposed to make it’s own way to their island, and Brick decided to hijack the ship that brought them there concidering the ‘no rules’ rule.

The rest of the team decided to fly to Hawaiï and drop brick’s weaponcache. They decided to stay on standby after one of them was contacted for a run to sabotage the show. They decided to go and hide on Brick’s island. The show’s director decided to let it happen. this kind of action would probably mean mor viewers. (and removing them probably casualties and increased cost)

There were the usual models attempting to seduce contestants, tests in survival techniques, eating all kinds of nasty things. There were attempts of sabotage by contestants. All kinds of things.

But at some point a shadowrunner team showed up intent on blowing up the filming equipment. they were dealt with by the entire team.

In the end Vicky and Brick won the contest and a nice amount of cash, a two weeks vacation in a luxury resort on Hawaii and some stuff like clothing and accessoires.

A few weeks later Streetcat noticed she was being followed and decided to turn the tables on her shadow. She found out it was a little girl around eight years of age. She followed her home, a nice appartment. The girl climbed the wall to enter the appartment, and Streetcat decided to go have a chat.

The girl wanted to hire her for a run. A friend of her parents had given her a few names and faces of possible runners to contact. the run: find her parents, a couple of runners. They’d gone missing on their last run. Their run was breaking into an Aztechnology R&D facility somewhere in Seatle, and bring back a piece of experimental cyberware.

Legwork brought up 3 possible facilities. The first one they attempted turned out to be the correect one. In the subterranean level they found a lab where they were putting cyberware into captured (meta)humans, and turning them into some kind of supersoldiers. They had a run-in with one of those things that was operational. It took a lot of coördinated fire to take it out, including three hits from Brick’s assault canon. Brick got badly hurt in the process taking a blast from the thing’s minigun, and banshee got burnt by it’s flamethrower.

The next job was snatching a corporate employee for a rival corp. The team handled this by waylaying a corp security patrollcar and taking the uniforms. This one went pretty smooth.

Chapter 9

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