Chapter 8

he team went over to Bosnia. They landed some miles away from the digsite after a low fly over. They tried sneaking in, but some of them have no skill in that whatsoever. So it turned into a shootout. Wolf was killed there.

In the end Streetcat managed to sneak in undedected. She went all the way to the bottom and found a strange room. There were some kind of spirits there and she reasoned she’d been pulled into an astral realm.

She managed to get out again and contacted the rest.
Brick managed to get in by knocking out a guard and taking his armor, and then changing it again for another. All of them together managed to defeat the spirits by using their weakness: sacrifice.

They fled the scene with the disc and headed to the airport. Jane met up with her employer, a man with a strangely painted face. She gave the team a silver coin, ‘worth one favor’. Samriel complimented the team for a job well done.

Back in the states, Brick went to hang out with a serving girl he had met in a club. Streetcat found a new cat hanging around her appartment. Closer inspection revealed it was a kitten, bigger then her fullgrown cats. It turned out to be a Sabretooth kitten. In the news she read more strange critters had been turning up around the area;

Brick’s girl went missing. He did some legwork and found out she’d been kidnapped by Colombian mobsters. So he started his own private war against them and managed to free her.

Chapter 8

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