Chapter 7

Streetcat was contacted to assemble a team for a new run for Frosty. They were to meet her employer, none less then Ehran the Scribe. He told them they were to make their way to Hamburg, and be there in 72 hours. There they were to meet with Jane, and then locate a contact of his, a man called Wagner. He was going to set them on a trail to locate the Phaistos Disc, which was stolen a few weeks before in Heraklion.

The team decided to take Bric’s plane, and they used some contacts to get their hands on a decent smuggling route to cross the Atlantic safely.

They reached Germany without incidents and rented storage space for the plane, and rented a car to head into Hamburg. They used the phonenumber they were provided to contact Wagner, but he was unavailable. Jane arrived on the agreed time looking hagard and tired. She went straight to bed. in the meantime someone contacted them, saying he was speaking for Wagner. He agreed to meet in a public space. Everyone was to run a program on their commlink he provided, as he wanted to remain in controll of the proceedings.

The meeting went fairly well until a riot broke out. the team had to dodge some fighting, but managed to get away. They followed the contact into an ancient tunnelsystem to go meet Wagner. In the tunnels they fought another team sent to get Wagner.

Wagner agreed to give his info if the runners agreed to get him out of town. They did so, and the team set of for Europort Rotterdam. Jane slept all the way, and she seemed to have bad dreams.

In Rotterdam they needed to track down a fellow named Carella. Some legwork showed him as arrested and in solitary confinement, in a maximum security facility. They did some more legwork and managed to get in contact with a man with enough pull to be able to get someone in to talk with Carella. In return they needed to take out some competition of his, in public but with no way to tie it to him. Bric did the hit with a sniperrifle from the roof of a stadium.

Carella talked. He admitted stealing the artifact, along with several others. He was payed to turn on his Johnson and delivered the disk to someone else in Frankfurt.

Next stop: Frankfurt. They found out the man they were looking for was murdered in what looked like a bloodmagic ritual. Interpol was looking into it, together with specialists from Aztechnology. The team decided to try breaking in. It took Streetcat some doing, but she traced the item to a hidden vault. She asked the rest to provide a distraction. The distraction turned sour pretty soon when an Interpol Response Team joined the fighting. They were on standby across the street. However, noone was prepared for Bric’s actions as he blew up the Interpol team and part of the building.

The team managed to get away with the disc and was in for a nasty surprise. Jane examined the disc and discovered it was a fake. She used the copy to track the real one and found out it was hidden somewhere in Bosnia.

Chapter 7

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