Chapter 6

The team asked their smuggler pilot to decide on a course Sonora’s pilot might take in hopes of intercepting them. They got lucky.

After a few hours they spotted a t-bird partially camouflaged near a log cabin. They set down and cautiously investigated the cabin. Brick and the banshee went inside, Wolf went to take a look at the surroundings and Streetcat headed for the plane.

The cabin was empty but showed signs of recent use. The plane hid a corpse. The unlucky pilot had his throat cut.

After a few minutes Wolf heard bikes approaching and warned the rest. They took cover and then saw 12 motorcycles heading towards the cabin. They parked at a safe distance. Then twoof the bikers became invisible and the rest took weapons and proceeded to the cabin. A gunfight followed and this gang was quickly put down. The runnes too one prisoner and interrogated him. They’d been sent to get an artifact by a mage. He told them where he was hiding and then they executed him.

Afterwards they headed for the mage’s bolthole. It was an abandoned quary. brick stayed in the plane and drew attention by firing grenades onto the warehouse, drawing out guards. Streetcat and the banshee sneaked inside, and Wolf took up a sniper position. Streetcat discovered there were a few minisubs moored in a flooded tunnel in the warehouse and she followed a trail made by another minisub. She followed it for a short while and discovered a cavern. She managed to sneak on shore and noticed a number of people gathered near a bigger sub. One of them was carrying the Sextant. She contacted Brick and together they decided she should take a ride with them and force the sub to the surface once it reached the Pacific.

So she rigged some explosives to the rudders. Once in the Pacific she blew off the rudders, forcing the sub to surface. Brick quickly climbed onboard and used a few handgrenades to enforce a stalemate. The bloodmage tried to turn the tables with a very strong barrier spell; but Streetcat took him down.

After this they collected their reward and headed back home.

Chapter 6

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