Chapter 3

The team got their invitation to the auction and headed to the designated place.

They were directed to one of the building’s elevators which was reserved for the auction and it took them to the 34th floor.

They had the time to look around in this high class area before the auction started. They noticed a lot of security. Streetcat contacted xploit to see if he could peek at their security hardware, and he used her communicator to test it. He managed to get in but was booted immediately. After that security was hightened even more.

When the auction started Jane took Wolf inside; Streetcat tried to find a way to sneak in and decided on the ventilation ducts. She managed to reach the area of the artifacts but it was completely shut off.

Jane lost the bid to Celedyr’s rep. She directed the team to try and get the map the hard way, while they saw a number of musscle rush out, obviously with the same kind of idea.

Streetcat made some confusion with flash grenades and tried to get to the map, but was just too late. Medjay was seen running out. She grabbed two statuettes instead, and then rushed into the airducts once more to look for a safe exit.

Wolf and C jumped in a van parked in the underground parking arera and headed to the exit. On their way she decided to try and use the van to smash another team (on it’s way on foort) into the wall. And she managed to take them out of the equation.

Xploit was contacted as well and he provided a satelite feed of the area which they used to track down Medjay faster. Wolf tried her had at a high speed chase, and C used his laser rifle to take a few podshots at the speeding bike. He managed to take out a tire, and Wolf used the time Medjay lost to get another bike to get close enough to ram the new bike.

Next they had a shootout and Wolf killed Medjay and took the map.

After this they were hunted themselves. But they used the satelite map to choose a route to the airport which didn’t have any ambushes.

All of them managed to get home; except for Xploit who was stuck in Lagos making forged ID’s for 17 weeks.

In Seattle the others managed a glimpse of Jane’s employer through the rain stained windshield of his limo.

Chapter 3

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