Chapter 2

The team returned to their hotel to confer and decide what to do next. Jane spent some time calling her employer. In the mean time some of the team spent some time checking the surroundings, looking for people with a possible interest in them.

A room just below one of theirs had been rented that morning, but it proved to be unrelated to them. Also a pickup with tho men inside was unrelated.

Jane returned with a new assignment: her employer wanted her to try and get into the auction to see if she could get her hands on the Piri Reis Map, and the other artifact if it happened to show up.

The Banshee made some calls and managed to get a hold of a person who might be able to do that, and she went off to have a talk. The man told her he could get her in for the viewing and she would then have to see about getting an invitation for the real auction, in exchange for a service. In return he wanted her to get him a mask from a man living in the swamp.

The man was a toxic shaman. The hacker managed to get his hands on a flying combat drone and tried to take out the summoned spirit, while C was lying in cover with his sniper rifle and Streetcat sneaked in. In the end Xploit crashed his drone into the shaman and Streetcat used explosives to take out a spirit, which worked a lot better.

They retrieved the mask and got the invitation for the viewing.

The viewing itself was uneventful. The diner after was mainly used for smalltalk and annoying other delegations.

In the morning they were questioned because there had been a burglary. A little statue had been stolen. Jane decided they should try and get the item back before security managed to. Xploit set to work and traced it to a compound owned by a rival clan. He went to talk to them and found someone willing to admit the statue was there, and willing to trade it for a SIN for himself and his wife, and some cash to start over in Seattle.

This was all arranged, and Xploit was going to stay with the man until he finishes the fake SINs.

Chapter 2

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