Chapter 1

The runneers were contacted individually by fixers. They could meet the ms Johnson in one of the hottest places in town. The deal: help ms Johnson track down an alf who had stolen an artifact from her employer. The unsual: they had to travel to Lagos in Africa to do that.

They took a few hours to prepare and met her at the airport. Travel to Africa happened by private jet.

The banshee adept recognised the ring ms Johnson was wearing, and figured out her identity. But she kept it to herself.

The last part of the trip, a short flight to the city of Lagos was an adventure on itself. They experienced engine problems and the pilot had to make an emergency landing. On the ground a band of rebels tried to rob them, but those guys were no match for experienced runners.

Lagos proved to be a surprise to all of them. A feral city is somethign quite different then Seattle. Lagos city

They took up residence in on of the better ‘hotels’ in Lagos.

The the search began. The hacker started browsing the matrix, while the more physical runners went looking in town, together with Jane.

The hacker found an image of Samriel passing a security cam somewhere on Victoria Island. So they decided to head there. The hacker arranged for them to be on EVO’s payroll to be able to enter Victoria Island while Streetcat sneaked in. All went well until someone freaked out by the sight of a Saeder-Krupp logo. Lonestar arrived on site at the same time and they had some problems with that but managed to get away.

The only trace of Samriel they found awas an elf who claimed to know him. When she didn’t want to say any more, someone became violent and had to run away from security and Lonestar. After that some more research into the sale and traffic of artifacts revealed rumours of an auction.

Streetcat sneaked into the auctioneer’s palace to go and provide a link for the hacker. They found no trace of the artifact. They did find Samriel with the elven woman and three guards in guestquarters. They also did find some more delegations. Streetcat managed to more or lmess capture Samriel in his sleep, and got information out of him. He does not have the artifact; he never had it; and he’s in Lagos to provide protection for the elven woman and the team of runners. This information hasd them on edge, and Jane decided to try and get a hold of her employer.

They had to go look for the hacker by then and found him in bad shape

Chapter 1

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