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Brick, or Alexander Seris as is his birth name, was literally born to war and both his own history and that of his parents were forged in it’s fires.
Brick’s father, Karan Seris was born and raised in Finland and was a history professor when the first Eurowar erupted. He was drafted in to service and was lucky to survive the three year campaign against the russians without any serious injuries. By the time the first war ended Karan had made several field promotions and was a lieutenant-colonel stationed at the Elbe. Mere days later his unit was redeployed in Spain to fight off the AfA invasion. Disillusioned by the war, convinced that mankind would never learn from it’s previous mistakes Karan decided to defect. During the night he left the encampment and made his way to a small village near the coast. He paid off one of the villagers and hid in the man’s barn for three weeks. During these three weeks he fell in love with a local girl that found him sleeping in the barn. The Young woman was named Alexis and together with Karan they formed the plan to cross the Atlantic ocean and move to the CAS. Alexis had some distant relatives living in Texas with whom they could stay a while.
In januari 2034 the young couple, now newlyweds, moved to Texas. Karan took a job as an elementary school teacher and Alexis opened a little shop. But war seemed to follow Karan wherever he went. In 2035 Aztlan invaded Texas. Because the CAS refused to aid Texas is resisting Aztlan, drafting was necessary to find the necessary soldiers. When Karan refused to join the texas military he was arrested and Alexis was raped and murdered in front of him. He was then tortured and left to die. Aztlan forces found him and saved his life. Vowing revenge he joined the Aztlan military. When Aztlan forces withdrew from the area Karan moved to the capital. Knowing only war Karan could not find rest and went in search of more bloodshed. He rented himself out as a resistance fighter in Northern California, fighting Tir Tairngire. One of his fellow resistance fighters, a woman named Shella managed to ease his troubled soul. As before Karan married with the sounds of war in the background. Shella became pregnant in 2037 and as she was giving birth to Brick their camp was overrun by enemy forces. Karan managed to save his newborn son but Shella was too weak to escape.

Karan returned to Aztlan with his son and raised him the only way he could think of, in the art of war. Karan made sure Brick was well trained, teaching him how to fire almost any weapon, how to fight unarmed and how to survive on his own both in the wilds and in an urban environment. Brick was fortunate to awaken as an adept, which gave him the necessary speed and reflexes to survive. At age 18 Brick was hanging out in a nightclub when he noticed a stunning black haired woman. Filled with both confidence and alcohol Brick approached her and although she was amused and even charmed by his attention he was interrupted by a crude looking Orc who warned him to stay away from his girl. Brick hit the man in his face, breaking off one of his tusks and was forced to kill him in the ensuing fight. Although he had won Brick was in pretty bad shape. He barely noticed how two other men picked him up and carried him over to small building not far from the club. The next morning he was woken by the black haired woman who called herself Opal . She explained that he had killed her boyfriend who, as she was, had been a member of a mercenary unit called R.O.C.K. Their bosses were impressed and now offered Brick a position in the unit. Seeing as how Brick had always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps he agreed without asking any more questions. Over the next 12 years Brick, or Granite as he was called, performed missions all over the world, mostly search and destroy or retrieval jobs. It quickly became clear who he was working for. Brick was in the unofficial employ of Aztechnology. If they needed something done but couldn’t be linked to it Brick and his teammates handled the job. The longer Brick was part of the unit, the more “unsettling” the jobs became. Killing off or kidnapping children, stealing much needed medicines and more were all in a days work. The only silver lining was that he was almost always paired up with Opal, with whom he had a passionate on/off relationship. He lived and breathed the job. He even allowed Aztechnology to place various augments in his body, despite the fact that it would hamper his training as an adept. In 2067 Brick and Opal were ordered to travel to a large village near the CAS border. The village had been almost completely destroyed by an earthquake and an international relief force, set up by the corporate council, was dispatched to aid the thousands of people who had lost everything in the disaster. Brick and Opal were told that the relief effort was a fraud however, a cover for a spy mission on Aztlan soil. Their mission was to blow up the generator used by the council forces. As they prepared to fire a missile at the generator, Brick recognized the generator model. It was an older model that was highly unstable and would create considerable collateral damage if it exploded. The entire refugee camp would be destroyed, killing over 1000 people. Brick had to draw the line at that point. He informed Opal that they had to abort the mission and was caught completely of guard when she answered by opening fire at him. Although Brick managed to destroy the missile launcher he was also forced to seriously hurt Opal in the process. He blew off her right lower leg with his shotgun. He stabilized her and called in backup before running like hell. He fled to Seattle and hid in an empty building in the barrens for a while. Just as he was starting to think he got away he was confronted by Opal. She had a bionic leg now and politely invited Brick to have dinner with her at her hotel. She explained that although Aztechnology wanted Brick punished, they didn’t actually value him high enough to put a price on his head. They would just keep an eye on him for now.

Brick and Opal spent the night together at her hotel. The next morning he woke up with a gun pointed at his head and he managed to dodge just in time. He disarmed Opal and fought her hand to hand, demolishing a great deal of the hotel. Brick won and as Opal was passing out she commented “Damn, hitting you is like hitting a brick wall”. Brick simply left her there. He took a new shadowname, Brick seemed appropriate, and began running. Brick has had several encounters with Opal since. Mostly she shows up, they spend a night together and then she tries to kill him. He doesn’t know if she would actually do it or if it is just a game she plays, but he is getting tired of it. A few months ago Brick was contacted by a friend he had made, a hacker named exploit, and asked to do a job in his stead. He agreed and has been working with the same team ever since.

Brick has turned over a new leaf. Although he still has no problem killing or hurting people he will only do so to those who he thinks have it coming. This definatly includes anyone in the “bizz” as they take the “occupational hazard” in order to make lots of money or to live on the edge. Cops, criminals and soldiers also don’t belong to the innocent masses.

Brick now lives in the Redmond district near Touristville. He rents a small room above a biker bar called “the Storm”. He is on good terms with the biker gang who don’t ask any questions and generally don’t care what he does as long as he occasionally has a drink in the bar, watches a combat-bike match with them and allows them to crash in his room now and again.

He doesn’t own much. A few sets of clothing and some cigars, all of which are permanently packed in a backpack. He has a buggy he uses to drive around, a big duffel bag filled with guns and ammo he looted off his enemies and an assault cannon he bought ”just in case things get heavy”.

He spends his free time drinking in “The Storm”, visiting his new runner friends and going out with a barmaid he recently met, a pretty young orc named Vicky.

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